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Next group class is Tuesday, August 30 at 7:00 P.M. If you are interested please contact me. Private prenatal classes and consults can be scheduled at your home or over Skype. See our class page for more information.

Breastfeeding Facts
Mothers who breastfeed lower their risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Breastfeeding Support - Karen Kurtz, IBCLC

Classes - Schedule and Locations


Independent Breastfeeding Classes for Breastfeeding Success

We schedule breastfeeding classes regularly at select locations throughout Southern New Jersey but are always open to holding classes at other South Jersey locations by request. 

Find out about all our classes and options for group and private classes on our Class Page.

Current Class Schedule:

We are currently not schuleding group classes as our private prenatal classes and consults seem to be most popular. If you are interested in a group class please contact me as early in your pregnancy as possible and we will try and put one together. Visit our class page to find out how to schedule the class you want in our location or yours.


Please let us know your class and/or package preferences using our Contact Form we will contact you to finalize times, dates and payment arrangements.

Please call (856) 448-4666 for more information.



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