Breastfeeding Facts
Surrounding yourself with a good support system helps breastfeeding and mothering to be more enjoyable. If your family and friends can't provide support or haven't breastfed check out La Leche League or other mother to mother support groups. See our resource page.

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Breastfeeding Support - Karen Kurtz, IBCLC

Prices and Consult Types


PHONE OR SKYPE - Talk to a Board Certified Lactation Consultant

  • Best for Any of our Classes
  • Basic Breastfeeding Help and Information
  • May be useful to determine if an In Home Consult is Needed *

This usually is not an appropriate consult for a baby that is gaining weight poorly or a mom with severe pain or nipple damage. Multiple factors in these situations usually require a hands on approach, pre/post weights and a full 1 1/2 - 2 hours of time.

  • Skype Classes and/or Prenatal consults are $40 for an hour. Classes and Prenatal Consults must be prepaid by Paypal or Credit Card. ($15 for addtional half hours). Questionaire will be emailed and should be filled out prior to consult.
  • Post partum Consultations by phone or Skype are $35 for a half and hour, $60 for a full hour. Questionaire will be emailed and should be filled out prior to consult. Follow up by email or phone included for 1 week.

* If a Home consult is decided on following a phone / Skype consult you will recieve a 15% discount on one consult.

In Home Classes or Prenatal consults are $60 for one couple (within 20 mile area). Contact Karen for prices for group classes.

In Home Post Partum Consults

  • Full Breastfeeding Consult $150 (2 to 2 1/2 hour within 30 mile area) This consult address all areas of breastfeeding. Includes full history of birth, mother and baby's medical issues, feeding evaluation, pre/post feeding weights, positioning help, pump help and more as indicated. Written care plan to mother and letters to appropriate health care providers are provided. Includes 2 weeks of phone, Skype or email follow up.

Follow up in Home Consults - $75 (within 30 mile area for Basic or Full Breastfeeding Consult)


We know the economy can make it hard for new parents to afford our services. If this is a problem please call and see how we can help. (856) 448-4666



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