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You will find some back issues of our newsletter here. As of October 2012, we have discontinued our newsletter. Please "like" us on Facebook to keep up with all the current Breastfeeding News.

January 2011 - New Blog entry on the relationship between Lactation Consultants and their clients, Estimated Due Dates are as Accurate as a Crystal Ball, Downsides and Dangers of Swaddling, To Birth a Baby, Get Off Your Back!, Dads and Doulas, Good Tongue Tie Resource, Chiropractic Therapy to Resolve Suboptimal Breastfeeding.

December 2010 - A mostly Nutritional issue just in time for those New Year's changes - tips for your and your children, Mother Food - foods that support lactation, PCOS, a breastpump special and also making the choice of a VBAC or repeat c-section.

October 2010 - The Nestle Boycott, Halloween is a great time to start and/or promote. Child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids, New Mothers Grow Bigger Brains Within Months of Giving Birth, UNICEF article on common sense approach to cosleeping, 10 procedures commonly used in modern obstetrics despite a lack of evidence to support their use and disrespect and abuse in facility-based childbirth around the world.

September 2010 - Changing Seasons: Prescription Milk: The Documentary, Footprints In Time and Blossom & Birth two new resources in SJ, "The Magic Number" for maintaining milk, Avoiding the Cascade of Medical Interventions and Mothering Magazine, new Infant Sleep research.

July 2010 Getting Ready for World Breastfeeding Week: The New Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Infant Risk Center opens, Kangaroo Care, "Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning", Checking dilation without a vaginal exam, Treating tongue tie could help more babies breastfeed.

June 2010 Father's Day: links and Fathers and Post Partum Depression, New Book Recommendations, Hygeia Newsletter Special, Two Important Surveys for New Moms, Babies Born Early and Learning, Keeping Babies and Moms together even after c-sections (great breastfeeding video), New Birth Control Guidelines Threaten Breastfeeding and a little Public Breastfeeding humor.

May 2010 Happy Belated Mother's Day. Babies and Sleep, some great researched based articles, as well as a little humor on co-sleeping, Hygeia Enjoye Pump with an Internal Battery special offer. New packages and consults for parents-to-be.

Special Issue - Hygeia™ Breastpumps and Products Why Hygeia? Why buying and renting breast pumps from an IBCLC will benefit moms. Pump consultations. A special offer to share with friends.

April 2010 Coming soon Hygeia pumps and products.  New pricing on classes and consults. Breastfeeding and Proper Formation of Teeth and Jaw. Breastfeeding cuts diabetes risk: study in women. Why Breastfeeding Lowers Women's Risk of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases.   A fascinating look at High Fructose Corn Syrup by Princeton University researchers.

March 2010 Safe practices for Babywearing, Skin care safety, Returning to Work - Babies in the Workplace and Corporate Lactation Benefits, and a new study: Breastfeeding Helps Mom Stay Slimmer Later in Life

February 2010 New emphasis at, Baby on a Budget Article on South Jersey Babies, New Homeschooling Site and excepts and links for these articles: Car seats can be dangerous outside the car, Michelle Obama Urged to Speak Out for Breastfeeding and New Research Shows Why Every Week of Pregnancy Counts.

Special Issue - Haitian Earthquake - With the earthquake in Haiti the lessons from last years World Breastfeeding Week's theme, breastfeeding in emergency situations has been put to the test yet again. Many stories have been published about the dangers of formula feeding and the importance of breast milk in this situation, the latest are shared here.

January 2010 Link to Blog entry on the economic downside of recommending formula to "fix" breastfeeding problems, New Year Specials for New Parents to Be and article excerpts: Aging well starts in womb, as mom's choices affect whole life, Pregnancy guidelines reduce C-sections and ‘Voldemort’ approach failing mothers (in breastfeeding studies).

December 2009 New Seminars for Newly Pregnant Families, Gift Certificate Specials , Upcoming Classes, World Health Organization new recommendations on Breastfeeding and HIV, C-Sections Cause Infertility or Emotional Trauma for 1 in 3 Women

November 2009 The Past Year and Gift Certificate Specials for our Anniversary, Holiday tips, Upcoming Classes, Canadian Home Birth Study Finds Home Birth As Safe or Safer Than Hospital Birth

October 2009 - Fall Health, Fall Specials, New Class Location and lots of great articles. With cold/flu season here we know breastfeeding help protect babies, I have included a few of my other favorite holistic products for the rest of the family. Our group and private class special continue and we add OmniWellCenter in Gibbstown to our class locations. Memory Keeper Photography also has a new studio location, check out their Holiday specials. For family fun Pick Your Own in the Fall. Articles this month include: UQ research finds breastfeeding stops neglect, Exercise May Reduce Need for an Epidural, New WIC Food Packages and a great resource for dealing with Post Partum Depression.

September 2009 - Educational Specials for Fall at Breastfeeding Success! - Education is important year round, but the Fall conjures up thoughts of school. Let the World be your classroom this Fall. Take advantage of one of our prenatal specials for classes or tell a friend, Drop in Group resumes, Visit a Museum in September, Educate yourself with the great links to video and articles. Everyone should see this exceptional video on Decreasing Infant Mortality, also linked articles on Car Seats, Danger of Flaxseed Oil in Pregnancy, The First Hour After Birth and Protecting Your Babies Intestinal Health.

August 2009 - Happy World Breastfeeding Week! - Learn about the importance of Breastfeeding in emergency situations and how breastfeeding moms are prepared and babies are protected. Also learn about why donations of formula and bottles to disaster areas are dangerous and deadly. Drop in Group for August, South Jersey Birth Network and Breastfeeding class schedules. Three important articles are featured on Bed Rest for Pregnant Women, New Jersey case testing women's rights in birth and Co-sleeping.

July 2009 - Preparing for World Breastfeeding Week in August, Blog added to South Jersey Babies, Classes offered to help moms with Older Breastfeeding Babies, Links to articles on Breech Birth Study, Healthy Birth, Chiropractic and Breastfeeding.

June 2009 - Happy Father's Day, New Mom Group, Class for Great Nutrition for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Baby and beyond, Links to some great new articles and studies on Healthy Pregnancy and as always more...

May 2009 - Summer and local foods, New Mom Drop in Group, Breastfeeding Success Class, Link to article on impressive new study on Breastfeeding and Heart Disease in Women and More...

April 2009 - Welcome, Earth Day, Breastfeeding Basics Class. Links to two great articles from Mothering Magazine Case Closed: Breast Is Best & Nursing by Numbers: How Breastfeeding Boosts the National Economy .

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